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Rebuild & repair garden walls - Bricklaying job in Jarrow, Tyne And Wear

Rebuild & repair garden walls

Job Description

I have two garden walls which are in need of attention.
The first I think needs knocked down & rebuilt. It is the original wall so if at all possible I would like it to be rebuilt with the original bricks. the dimentions are:
4mtr 65cm long X 80cm high & consists of 7x double rows of bricks with 4x long stone toppers finishing off the top which each measure aprox 1mtr32cm X 24cm X 15cm. This is just a straight wall with no gate posts or anything like that.

The second is a high wall measuring 2mtr 35cm long X 2mtr 20cm high.
I need one side of this wall repointed (the other side has been rendered). Also this wall has a row of curved finishing bricks running along the top. These however have been removed as they were all loose & I would like them put back in place. These curved bricks measure approx. 23cm X 10cm X 15cm.

Thankyou for your help in this matter