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Double glazing - first floor maisonette in nunhead - Windows job in Peckham, South London

Double glazing - first floor maisonette in Nunhead

Job Description

We have recently moved into a first floor maisonette with old (single-glazed) sash windows and want double glazing installed. Exactly how many of the windows we have replaced will depend on cost but will certainly include lounge (two bay windows each about 160 x 100 cm with 160 x 35 cm side panels) and study (c. 160 x 95 cm), then some or all of main bedroom (c. 160 x 110 cm), second bedroom (c. 120 x 85 cm), bathroom (c. 120 x 85 and c. 60 x 50 cm) and kitchen (c. 115 x 50 and c. 120 x 105 cm) - maybe also back door, depending on quotes. Replacements don't necessarily have to be sash (depends on price), but we'd like to discuss having the lounge and study done with sound-reducing glass and the bathroom with opaque glass.