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Boiler service - Plumbing job in Bethnal Green, East London

Boiler service

Job Description

Annual service of boiler.
Model number: Ariston micro combi 23 MFFI

One issue in particular needs checking: despite the central heating button being turned off, sometimes the radiators fill with hot water when, for example, a hot water tap or shower is turned on. This can result in getting a cold shower, as water is erroneously being directed to the radiators. When the radiator valves are manually closed however, this issue does not occur. I have been advised a new diverter valve may be required.

When I would like the work to be done: any time this week from Thursday 1st July, otherwise evenings/weekend is best. Please be advised that although I do not drive, I am aware that local parking is rather difficult and it might be worth checking on Google Streetview before travelling.